8 Reasons to Book Your All-Inclusive Christmas Parties

As we speed towards the end of 2023, there’s never been a better time to book your all-inclusive Christmas parties. It goes without saying that everyone is looking forward to the end of the year and a nice big party where they can let their hair down. If you’re tasked with organising yours, you want to make things as simple as possible. Especially in the run up to Christmas, where things can be hectic, you want to take away the stress of organising this coveted event.

So, if you’re looking to book the work Christmas party and want it to be the best event possible but time is against you, here’s our secret to success. Book an all-inclusive Christmas party. Read on for 8 reasons why they are definitely the best option.

Why Have a Christmas Party?

So, why have a Christmas party at all? There’s many reasons why you should choose to throw this event for your colleagues or staff. Of course, they’re a lot of fun, but there’s a lot more to them than that.

1. To Say Thank You

Firstly, your team has no doubt worked extremely hard over the last year. A work Christmas party is the perfect way to say thank you to your employees and show that you value them. What’s more, it’s the ideal opportunity to recognise their individual contributions to your organisation too. Whether that takes the form of an awards ceremony or a simple speech, take the time to show your appreciation. 

2. Promote Team Bonding

A corporate Christmas party is a time to reconnect at the end of a year and bond over shared experiences. Particularly if your team is hybrid or work from home, this can be the only time that they all get together during the year. From big projects to success stories, it’s the perfect occasion to sit down together and reminisce about the previous months. 

Importantly, Christmas parties also enable your team to socialise in a less formal setting. It allows them to get to know each other in a more friendly way which can only be a good thing. Afterall, colleagues that bond as a team are likely to work more effectively and be more willing to help each other out.

3. Boost Team Spirit

According to a recent poll, employees who have a brilliant time at their work Christmas party are 96% less likely to resign the following year (Employsure, 2022). You’d be surprised how much a good party can boost morale and attitude towards work. Furthermore, waving off another year in style is an ideal way for your team to let go of their stress or worries and start the new year afresh.

4. Have Some Fun

Of course, this had to go on the list. A corporate Christmas party is a reward, a time to bond and a morale booster. But, most of all, it’s a time to come together and have fun. Let’s be honest, there isn’t always time for that at work. So, throwing a Christmas soiree is the one time a year where you can make memories together that aren’t work related. It’s always nice to have those to look back on and smile for the rest of the year. Especially when that one person drinks a little too much and knee slides across the dance floor…

The Benefits of an All-inclusive Christmas Party

There are so many benefits to throwing an all-inclusive Christmas party. Particularly when time is running out and Christmas party venues are getting booked up. But alongside that, they are simply the easiest way to get things done.

5. They Make Your Life Easier

For starters, all-inclusive Christmas party packages take away the stress of having to organise so many different elements. This includes entertainment, food and drink, decorations and much more. Your Christmas party venue will generally supply an event planner who will arrange everything for you. You’ll get plenty of options to personalise your event, without having to make hundreds of decisions. They’ll manage your party from start to finish so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

6. Top Entertainment 

Most people look forward to having a little boogie at the Christmas party. If you’re looking to keep your guests entertained all night, all-inclusive party packages include a resident DJ to keep those Christmas hits coming. Quality entertainment will keep spirits high and the dance floor busy.

7. Festive Food and Drink 

Food is always one of the highlights of any evening but everyone loves Christmas food. All-inclusive venues have excellent chefs who create fantastic Christmas menus to get your taste buds tingling. What’s more, with packages you’re able to wash it down with unlimited house wine included in the price. Because who doesn’t want to get a little merry at Christmas?

8. Track Your Budget

With all-inclusive, you know the price per person upfront, so you’re much clearer on what you’re spending. This makes it a lot easier to track your budget, so the boss will be happier too. Rather than the budget spiralling out of control, you can be sure exactly what you’re getting for your money, without having to spend a penny more.

With that said, if you’re looking to make your event extra special, most Christmas party venues will allow upgrades prior to the evening, too. So if your budget allows, you can really treat your guests by opting for an open bar or unlimited house spirits.

All-inclusive Christmas Parties Birmingham

As well as being the experts on event advice, we also throw cracking all-inclusive Christmas Parties in Birmingham. Centrally located at J6 on the M42, with excellent transport links, the NCC is ideally positioned if you’ve got people travelling. With free onsite parking and our group hotels in close proximity, getting to and from your Christmas Party venue couldn’t be easier! Plus, with the evening taken care of by our event planners, all that’s left is for you to let your hair down.

We’ve made it our mission to give you and your guests a Christmas party like no other. What’s more, it’s not too late to book your Birmingham Christmas party. But don’t miss out on our incredible Winter Wonderland event! With limited spaces available, get in touch today to secure your table.