What NOT to do at a Christmas Party

What NOT to do at a Christmas Party

For many of us, the Christmas party is the highlight of the year. It’s a chance to let your hair down and a hard-earned celebration with your coworkers. Being transported to the magical world of Winter Wonderland helps you relax into the holidays. It’s a signal of the end of another year and a time to eat, drink and be merry!

However, for some, it can become a cause of embarrassment and make you the pun of the office jokes for the rest of the year. Sound familiar? For those of you who know this feeling all too well, fear not! To help you enjoy your festive celebrations this year, we’ve rounded up our Christmas party tips of what NOT to do at a Christmas party. 

Christmas Party Tips

1. Don’t have serious conversations about work

Christmas dos are not the place for serious work conversations. Whether that’s talking about a pay rise with your boss or gossiping about a colleague who is probably (definitely) standing right behind you. Keep it light and talk about Christmas plans, upcoming holidays, and hobbies. 

Top tip: Work should only be spoken about in awkward situations to fill a silence. 

2. Don’t ignore the dress code

Wondering what to wear to a work Christmas party? If the dress code is black tie or smart casual, then don’t turn up in fancy dress or a Christmas jumper embellished with flashing lights. We know you’re feeling festive but it’s still a work event, after all. 

3. Don’t forget to eat your Christmas dinner

For many of us, the food is the best bit of the Christmas party. Whether it’s delicious canapes or a 3-course sit-down dinner, festive food can be the pinnacle of the evening. With that said, often people get carried away with drinks and forget to eat the amazing food. Enjoy your food first and then partake in the mulled wine and Christmas cocktails. Similarly…

4. Don’t view the open bar as a challenge

Yes, everyone loves an open bar. If you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy one at your Christmas dos, then by all means, take advantage. But, know your limits. There’s always someone who views the open bar as a challenge and ends up feeling unwell by nine p.m. So, pace yourself. Everyone wants to have a good time but no one wants to end up having to look after their coworkers. 

5. Don’t forget to plan your sleigh ride home

So you’ve made it this far! You’ve enjoyed all the food, got appropriately tipsy and had a great laugh with your coworkers. You walk out of the Christmas party venue and realise you didn’t book a taxi. Of course, Christmas party nights are extremely busy so it’s best to plan ahead for this. Remember to book well in advance or stay the night at a nearby hotel. 

6. Don’t call in sick the day after

You’ll end up on the naughty list quicker than you can say, ‘I’ve got Tinsilitis’. No one is going to appreciate you not turning up the day after and no one believes that you’ve come down with the illness overnight. This links back to our previous insider tip, soak up the drink by enjoying the brilliant food on offer!

Your Christmas Party at the National Conference Centre

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of Christmas dos and don’ts for your festive celebrations. Following these easy Christmas party tips will guarantee a fun evening with absolutely no regret. Let us take even more stress away by booking with us today for an all-inclusive Christmas party you’ll never forget – for all the right reasons!