5 Proven Yet Surprising Perks of Hosting an Award Ceremony

Are you looking to celebrate your work efforts and show appreciation for your company staff? Perhaps you just want a night to remember amongst your colleagues. If so, then an award ceremony is for you. An award ceremony is a perfect event for businesses and can help to ease the pressure of a modern work environment.

An award ceremony can significantly increase employee satisfaction and reward individuals for their success, commitment, and hard work. They can also be a major source of inspiration for businesses. Especially those looking to expand and keep staff happy!

So, what are the benefits of your business hosting an award ceremony? Let’s take a look.

#1. Award Ceremonies Encourages A Positive Work Environment

Employee recognition, especially in the form of prize awarding, can go a long way in a business. This recognition helps to promote confidence which, in turn, leads to greater productivity and greater profits.

Employee recognition is one of the main driving factors in employee satisfaction. Studies have shown that companies with formal recognition plans have 31% less voluntary turnover than companies without. They are also 12x more likely to have stronger business outcomes. This highlights the sheer value of recognition, namely prize awarding and its profound impact on the workplace.

An award ceremony with prize awarding is the perfect opportunity to provide real-time recognition for employees. Not only will this grow a positive work environment but also boost the morale of individuals. As well as this, not all employees want cash as a reward. Studies conducted by the Incentive Marketing Association show that 65% of employees preferred non-cash incentives.

A worker being presented with an award at an award ceremony

#2. Award Ceremonies Improve Public Relations for Your Organisation

In the modern digital climate, social networking is everywhere. This means seeing other businesses and employees online has never been easier. From Facebook and LinkedIn posts to Instagram and Snapchat stories. It’s clear you can get a lot of publicity by simply posting something catchy.

Hosting an award ceremony for your business can get you a ton of free publicity. Those who take the opportunity to leverage this are in a better position when it comes to improving public relations for your organisation.

Business awards with prize awarding are also a great opportunity to network. Whether you want to attract new talent, strengthen business connections, or just develop long-lasting personal relationships, hosting an award ceremony can reflect positively on your company. Ultimately, this leads to more sales and profit.

#3. Award Ceremonies Can Boost Productivity and Motivation

Awards are a great way to improve productivity and motivation. In fact, studies show that companies with recognition schemes experience a 31% lower turnover rate than those without. This brings the functionality of a business awards ceremony into sharp relief as it gives employees the opportunity to feel recognised. This, in turn, boosts productivity and motivation in the workplace as employees feel recognised. 

In a competitive business world, employee motivation is a significant driving force in ensuring positive outcomes. When employees invest their efforts and energy into their company, productivity is increased. This makes it easier to reach business targets.

Employees also look for contentment in their profession. Awards that highlight their contributions, promote motivation, and make them want to do more. Integrating employee appreciation becomes vital in maintaining staff morale and keeping productivity and motivation levels high.

#4. Award Ceremonies Help Employees To Bond

By hosting an awards ceremony for your business, you allow your employees to relax without the pressures of a work environment. This is a great way for employees to bond and socialise, which can increase engagement and loyalty at work; especially between internal teams. Research from Shawn Achor shows that social connection is one of the greatest predictors of happiness and reduced stress.

A business awards ceremony also encourages team-building. Sometimes, in an office environment, it’s common for people to not feel comfortable because they don’t have an area or time to socialise. This is why an awards ceremony is perfect for socialising. It creates an environment where employees can bond through socialisation and rewards employees so they feel more comfortable in the workplace.

Business man in a grey suit holding an award

#5. Award Ceremonies Increase Creative Thinking

Prize awarding is great for increasing creative thinking. Sometimes, in a work environment, there are no stimuli for your brain to work off. Many people find that when going for a walk or a run, their creativity increases. 

This is because, when you are at an optimum level of arousal, your creativity is maximised. This is why increasing energy levels at a fun event, with prize awarding can increase creative thinking and boost energy and motivation levels in the office. 

The increased energy levels can make people feel more comfortable to purport ideas in the workplace and so, there can be an increase in creative ideas which can be exceedingly useful in many situations.

Not only this, but creative thinking also increases the process of innovative problem-solving. This can include analytical skills, collaboration and communication.

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