5 Emerging Event Industry Trends to Watch

You may remember the days when work conferences, seminars and team-building exercises were conducted in a schoolroom fashion. Speaker at the front, audience in carefully planned seating, eagerly awaiting the words of wisdom and a PowerPoint presentation. Those days are long gone, thankfully. 

As new technology and changing habits continue to offer more options, how do you stay up to date with the event industry? As event industry trends develop, so too do the event planning industry trends. Planning, executing and attending a successful event doesn’t happen without some serious work behind the scenes. Here, we take a look at some of the emerging trends taking place in this multi-million-pound industry.

Event Planning Industry Trends

As an event planner, you need to stay one step ahead of the game. Your reputation depends on the success of your events, so getting it wrong is not an option.

From selecting the best geographical location; choosing the ideal venue; planning costs and booking staff, you’ll have your work cut out. When all of these things have fallen into place, the responsibility falls on you to make the event work for your clients. Whether it’s a learning experience, team building exercise or designed to attract new business, the results will be compiled and measured for all to see.

Here Are 5 Things You Need To Consider

1. Event Analysis

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Planning the event, with a view to analysing the results when it’s all over, is a growing trend. Event analysis data enables the organiser and client to use technology to gather, analyse and utilise the information to monitor the success of the event. 

This information is invaluable. It allows clients to remain fully informed of everything from ticket sales to attendee demographic; lead generation; sponsorship support and ultimately return on investment once the event has ended. This information can then be put to great use when planning the next event.

2. Make Your Event Personal with an App

What every event planner and their clients want is for the attendees to be fully engaged in the experience. 

What better way to get their attention than a fully customised event? The introduction of mobile event apps has helped improve interactivity and convenience for the user. The result? Attendees feel more engaged and invested in the event from the get go. It maximises the impact of the event for those attending and increases the likelihood of returning customers. Your competitors won’t know what’s hit them!

3. The Purpose of Events in a Post-Covid World

The event industry was hit hard in 2020 with the Covid 19 outbreak. The general thought process around gatherings was “is this essential?” and that has been hard to shake.

Now, events need to offer a transformational purpose to the people attending. Networking isn’t easy in a digital world, so it’s becoming a bigger focus at events. In the past, content was key to a successful event. Nowadays, it’s a lot more about providing a transformational experience for all those in attendance.

Giving people space to make and forge meaningful connections needs to be a priority for any future events you’re planning. 

Guests networking at an event

4. Social Implications and Sustainability of Events

For clients and event planners alike, it’s essential that events align with the values of those attending. With a view to leaving a positive impact after the event, rather than a hefty carbon footprint, the eco-friendly event is one of the most impactful event industry trends. 

A growing number of business owners and event planners feel strongly about promoting a positive world view. Diversity and inclusion are high on the agenda too, as keeping up with social changes ensures no one is left behind. Of course, it has the added benefit of showing the company hosting the event in a positive light too!

5. How to Promote Your Event

Events have always been heavily promoted by organisers, but the way in which we hear about future events is very different from recent years. A recent study shows that around 64% of event attendees base their decision to attend on online information. 

Social media has taken over as the number one promotional tool for the events industry. 

This is a win-win for attendees and organisers alike. It’s great for getting information out to the masses efficiently and in a cost-effective way. But it also provides an excellent opportunity for information gathering, networking and monitoring the success of the event before, during and after. 

The recent interest in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in the business world is also having an impact on the event industry. AI provides help and information for eventgoers, in the form of chatbots. AR is a great way to bring the overall event experience to a whole new level. 

Choose Your Event Venue Wisely

Now you have a few pointers to help make your event a success, it’s important to remember to get the basics right. Before you even think about the content of your event, make sure you have the support of an experienced venue and their team. Whether it’s a new product launch, a networking exercise or something else entirely, the event will be the best it can be if you choose the right place to host it.

Even just getting the logistics right can help set the event off to a successful start. Easy to find, easy to park and the right technological resources and on-site facilities, will take the pressure off both organisers and attendees. 

At the National Conference Centre we have all these covered. And we pride ourselves on our knowledge of past, present and up and coming event industry trends. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are with you every step of the way, ensuring your event is a success, and you return to us again and again. 

Get in touch to find out how we can help make your next event one to remember. 

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