Why You Need to Add Team Building Events to Your Work Schedule

Team building events are on the rise, as a popular way to improve workforce relations. But before you start the meticulous search for team-building event ideas, activities and exercises, you will need to know where you are going to hold such an event. 

The NCC – The Place to be For Team Building Events

Choosing the right location is key to the success of your event. It sets the tone for the exercise and should allow for a smooth, hitch-free experience from start to finish.  By choosing to hold your team-building events at the National Conference Centre, you can be sure you are adequately covered. 

From our easily accessible location in the heart of the Midlands to our spacious indoor and outdoor zones, we can cater for large, boisterous events, to more intimate, reflective proceedings. Our event professionals will be on hand to dedicate their time and expertise to your event, no matter the size. From the moment you arrive, they will be there to provide support and advice, ensuring you get the most from your team-building events at the NCC. 

Why Team Building?

For all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’ve recently had a recruitment drive, and you want to establish company culture with your new staff members. Perhaps your company is going through some changes and you want to bring the team together, or you might see it as a bit of fun for your hard-working colleagues, and this is a chance for them to let off steam. 

Whatever reason you have for planning team-building events, we can cater for you over a matter of hours or days, in our purpose-built facility, expertly geared up for such events. 

Who Will Run the Event?

That’s entirely up to you. If you’re a seasoned organiser of such activities, you may want to keep it within your company. After all, you know your employees better than anyone else. You can cater the course for the people you know, and highlight particular areas you want to improve upon. 

Alternatively, you might prefer to outsource your event to a professional team-building organisation. If that’s the case, we will liaise with both you and them, keeping everyone updated and informed of all the details. This is something we do every day, so you can rest assured your event will run like clockwork. Thanks to our in-house facilities we can also make sure everyone is well fed and watered so that they can concentrate on getting the most out of your event.

What Type of Team Building Events Can I Choose From?

Team building event ideas are many and varied. You’ll want to decide upon the areas you’ll be focusing on with your team, and then you can tailor your event to your specific requirements. Your event might lean towards the creative, or maybe you want to challenge your group to a more physical or competitive set of tasks. 

Our facilities allow for any number of different activities, both indoors and outdoors, in small or large groups. Whether it’s sitting quietly around a table discussing the intricacies of a complicated strategy, or throwing yourself, quite literally, into an inflatable obstacle course, we can accommodate you. Look online for some great team-building event ideas to get you started.

The Four Main Types of Team Building

Broadly speaking, team-building exercises tend to fall into four main sections. Here’s a quick guide as to what you can expect from each category.


Communication is key, and if that’s your focus during a team-building event then you might try some of the following tasks:

  • Blindfolded obstacle course
  • Body language guessing games
  • Blind drawing guidance activities

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Not everyone is a natural at coming up with ways to tackle problems in the workplace, so there are a few things you can do to improve these skills:

  • Murder mystery tasks
  • Escape room experiences
  • Crime scene conundrums

Trust Building

Whether it’s an established team or a good bonding exercise for some new starters, your department will work better together if trust levels are high. Some ideas you could try are:

  • Blind tasting
  • Trust fall
  • Partner obstacle course


Things change in all areas of business and commerce, and the better equipped you are at handling those changes, the more smoothly your business will continue to run. Check out these team-building event ideas to focus on this area:

  • Team debates – convince the other side of your argument, and take their ideas on board too
  • Plan your dream office – work together to create the most harmonious and productive workplace
  • Plan a selection of critical thinking and problem-solving activities

The importance of team building

Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of why team-building events are important.  Aside from being a break from the norm, team building events help to guide a group of people to work towards a common goal. They help build and maintain a strong team, build bridges between departments and help participants look at things from different perspectives. Communication and accountability are improved, and company culture is strengthened as a result. 

As an employer, you’ll be able to recognise areas of improvement that are needed. What’s more, you might be able to discover some hidden talents, in the way of leadership skills, ideas experts and the much-needed office shoulder to cry on.

From a financial perspective, you’ll be getting a good return on your investment. These exercises help your team return to work refreshed and revitalised, with a better understanding of those around them and their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Team building events are a fantastic way to show appreciation for your workforce, as well as reaping the benefits when you return to the workplace. At the NCC we are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of team-building events, big and small, from all sorts of industries throughout the UK. 

Being so centrally placed we are in a prime position to accommodate people from near and far, and we promise to give you our undivided attention and personal, professional service from the minute you arrive, to the time you leave. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can make your event as successful as it is enjoyable.

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