The National Conference Centre welcomed its first guests back in 1985 following the successful launch of the National Motorcycle Museum the previous year.

Initially expected to be simply an extension of the National Motorcycle Museum’s facilities, the venue soon developed and matured into a successful stand-alone, award-winning venue of its own.

Recent re branding of the event space to the National Conference Centre has brought a new General Manager to drive the business into the next phase of its lifecycle. Having reviewed the venues capacities, we can proudly boast significant increases across all areas of its space. Combine this with a new sales strategy including dedicated proactive sales management and separate dedicated event planning team, the National Conference Centre really is the natural venue of choice.


The National Conference Centre has gained an exceptional reputation across the industry, accommodating over 200,000 guests each year. With 13 suites to choose from and improved room capacities, the National Conference Centre is sure to meet your requirements. If you are looking to host an awards dinner or product launch take a look at the Imperial or Britannia suites, if you are looking for a smaller more intimate setting for your event then consider the Crow’s Nest or Wardroom. We can also cater for everything in between, there really is no end to the flexibility of the venue and add to this innovative and healthy menus provided by our superb catering team, why would you want to be anywhere else?

Situated in the heart of the country, you could not ask for an easier venue to reach by air, road or rail. With ever improving transport links and plenty of exciting attractions in the immediate vicinity the National Conference Centre really is the venue to host your next event.


We want your event to be a success and your time at The NCC to be memorable for all the right reasons. Therefore we want to assure you of our level of service to you. We would like to guarantee the following:

  • We will acknowledge your enquiry within 4 hours.
  • Following our acknowledgement of your enquiry an accurate proposal/offer will be emailed within 24hours maximum and will contain all the required detail and applicable pricing.
  • The contracting process will be efficient and accurate detailing all known costs at that point. A detailed set of Terms and Conditions will be included which will clearly cover all the necessary aspects under which we enter into contract. The contract will be received via email, within 8 working hours of your written request for the document.
  • Once your event is confirmed, you will be allocated a dedicated Event Planning Manager who will work closely with you to agree and finalise all arrangements. They will be your sole point of contact throughout the planning stages of the event and be able to offer full assistance with any requests or requirements you may have.
  • You will be advised in advance of all additional costs associated with any ancillary items or services you request. Any such services or items will only be booked upon your express confirmation in writing (email).
  • Any pre event deposit requirements will be advised to you via proforma invoices. The timings of these will be in line with the event contract unless agreed in writing as being different.
  • No later than 10 days prior to your event (or immediately upon receiving your event details, if the event confirmation is received within this period) your dedicated Event Planning Manager will send you a Banqueting Event Order (BEO) which will clearly detail all event requirements as discussed and confirmed. You will be invited to review and make any alterations, additions or corrections before returning to your Event Planning Manager who will then carry out the necessary updates and send a final copy of the BEO to you for your approval and sign off.
  • On the event day, you will be welcomed by your Operational Point of Contact, who will run through your event details as confirmed and itemised on the BEO. They will also run through the Health and Safety procedures in the event of an emergency situation.
  • Your dedicated Event Planning Manager will be available on the day for any non-operational requests and will come to see you on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • The room facilities will be set up as agreed and detailed on the BEO, by the time of your arrival.
  • All audio visual equipment will be in good working order and will be set up by the time of your arrival.
  • Refreshment breaks will be set up and ready for service at the requested times as detailed on your BEO. Should you wish to make any on the day changes in respect to timings of these arrangements you will be able to do so through your Operational Point of Contact.
  • Your invoice will be accurate with no unexpected charges. This will be received no later than 5 working days after your event.
  • You will receive a post event satisfaction questionnaire within 5 days of completion of your event for you to complete and return.